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Gas conversion program

Gas Convert Program

This simple program converts volume ( US Gallons, UK Gallons, Liters) and distance ( Miles and Kilometers) into any number of practical conversions, Mile per gallon (MPG), KM/Liter and including the l/100km it is here for all those who use if needed.

The program is simple enter the volume number and the distance numbers.

Once that is done select the value you want to convert to.

Press / Click on the Convert button.

If a zero is entered in any value an error message happens.

Use the embedded calculator to do any complex calculations on either the distance or volumes.

When clicking on the "About" button you will be shown basic info about the program and the option to click on the News button or web update button.

The web update will lead to another information / Action box. First click on the fetch button to get the current file location. Once that is done a download button will appear usable. Once you click on that button, it will start the download to upgrade the Gas convert program. Once the program has started, then you will get the usual confirmation if you want to install. Please ensure that the version you have is signed by "Laser Spider Company Ltd." That is about all.

Any error in the program will produce a dialog to send to me.

The program is available - FREE, As in free beer, but copyright is mine.

NO SPAM ware, spy ware, or any other tracking except for the embedded error message which you have choice to send or not. This program is Code signed by "Laser Spider Company Ltd." Accept no other

We do offer custom programming for all of these programs, but that does cost money to do and it is cheaper to download these free ones. (free!). If you still want to do some custom programming please feel free to contact us on the web page link.

Ray Tkatch Laser Spider Company Ltd.

A simple Gas conversion program - FAQ

- Why another conversion program? Simple - left over code from other projects that have run the course, and it is something I can give back for free

- Why are not the calculation the same when I use my (prg, ipod, car, etc)? Easy Answer - Chemistry or mathematics. Long Answer - The molecules in the gasoline are dependant on temperature. This in turn makes the volume different. The volume is different in the cool morning when you filled up and then in the hot mid afternoon. This makes the the use by the engine to be dependant on automatic ( in most new car) injections or carburetors. This might uses more gasoline. Idling on fumes instead of gasoline (liquid). The calculation of the gas pump may be slight off. In dealing with very small values. Computer can not calculate. These along with many, many other may be the problem.

Why is not XX feature in the program? Easy - the program is 'simple'. If any need for advance version, then I would create a new one based on this code.